Society of Virginia


About the Society

Unique to Washington, DC, state societies serve as social and civic organizations that celebrate the culture, history, traditions, and people of each respective state through outstanding events that, again unique to out Nation's Capital, also include the Cherry Blossom Festival and Presidential Inaugural events. State society organizations are nonpartisan and bring together people from all walks of life: Members of Congress, military staff, business leaders, retired people through fellowship and goodwill.

Virginia is one of the oldest state societies, founded November 8, 1923 and is a member of the National Conference of State Societies. Out social calendar is highlighted with annual events that include the Christmas Dinner Dance, the Virginia Cherry Blossom Princess Reception and an annual summer event. We have also enjoyed Brunches, BBQ picnics, Odyssey luncheon cruises, and Mount Vernon programs, naming only a few.

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to devote him or herself to Virginia interests as set forth in the Purpose of the Society.

Dues are $30.00 for a family membership or $20.00 for a single membership.


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