Society of Virginia

  • To keep alive and perpetuate the spirit, traditions and achievements of the Commonwealth of Virginia,
  •  To teach the history of Virginia, practice her precepts and honor her name,
  • To acclaim the great men and women, the mighty events and tremendous principles of Virginia's past,
  • To bind together in a fellowship of goodwill and under standing, Virginians, whether by birth or preference, who are or were residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the metropolitan area of the Nation's capital,
  • To maintain a state society dedicated to the welfare of the Commonwealth of Virginia,
  • To maintain for the future and project in every possible way into the future that standard of virtue, morals, welfare and social grace for which the name “Virginia” has become a synonym throughout the civilized world and
  • To represent Virginia in the National Conference of State Societies and in the National Cherry Blossom Festival activities.


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